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Best places to buy a Home in Costa Rica

You want to move to Costa Rica, or at least buy a vacation home, residence in one of the world’s most popular places for living on the beach. But you don't know, how do you choose where is the best place to buy a home in Costa Rica?

The important questions that you need to ask you are: location, lifestyle, climate and geography, infrastructure, community, and pricing. You can travel across a country or to rent a place for a few months to see how you like living in different part of the country.

Question 1: Choice of your lifestyle

At first, ask you what kind of lifestyle are you looking for? What do you like to do? What are your hobbies? Do you like a city, a little town or beach life?

If you want to live at the beach, surfing and relax, expect to pay higher prices for a home and for rentals. The Pacific coast has a wide range of affordable real estate. In Tamarindo, Costa Rica, you can buy a three-bedroom, two-bath, furnished home with a pool for $360,000.

Question 2: Mountains or beaches?

Do you want to get cooler or expect a hot ?

Costa Rica has many diverse regions and microclimates.

In the mountains, you can find daytime temperatures in the low 70s, with nights around 40-60 F so you can get cooler! However, there are often more clouds and rain in the mountains. The Central Valley has the most moderate climate, with daytime temperatures varying from 60 to 80 F, and 50 to 65 at night, depending on the time of year.

The beaches in Costa Rica are hot.  On average, temperatures are about 90+ F with humidity but you have a sun all the day and no clouds. You should use an Air-conditioning and expect to pay easily $200 or more per month, depending of your house. Costa Rica’s beaches, however, really are spectacular, as are the sunsets, like in Playa Tamarindo.

Question 3: Resident Community?

There are many large foreign resident communities around Costa Rica – in the North Pacific, Central Pacific, Caribbean, and especially in the Guanacaste. Quality education and many private, bilingual schools are easily found in Tamarindo area and Flamingo.

Question 4:Quality medical and health care facilities?

International airports, good roads, services, and entertainment like restaurants, theaters, cultural performances and shopping you can find in the Central Valley or Guanacaste.

There are a lot of places that you can find for your living in Costa Rica, all depend of your lifestyle and your business too.

Tamarindo Destination

Tamarindo is not only a top place for international living, but also a fun vacation destination for its tourism and beautiful beaches of Pacific Coast. Tamarindo is close to the Liberia International Airport, close to top public and private health care facilities, and the best place to have a home in Costa Rica.

For more information about real estate market in Tamarindo, check out the ABI Costa Rica Real Estate and the list of properties for sale in this area from real estate agency. ABI Costa Rica Real Estate have been successfully helping customers buy and sell real estate in Costa Rica, and do land development, help with your plans of home construction or property management.

And for more information about Tamarindo and vacation rentals in Costa Rica, check ALLURE COSTA RICA LUXURY VACATIONS and their list of vacation rentals villas and places to stay in Tamarindo.

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