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Buying land in Costa Rica and other properties for sale

Are you looking to buy land in Costa Rica? Are you looking to build your dream home? But you didn't know how? You had not yet chosen your future location. And again, you have to know the construction laws in Costa Rica for different lots. Perhaps, the first thing to do is decide with the place, beach, city where you want to find your future lot. Get someone to compare the options and prices that suit you. Want to settle in the beach towns? What are the best places to buy land or home in Costa Rica. So, check out land prices in Tamarindo, Flamingo, Brasilito, Potrero, Avellanas, Manuel Antonio and all over Costa Rica. Or follow our advice!

Currently, real estate in Costa Rica has gained significant market value, even more competitively priced than in the United States.

The price of a land in Costa Rica depends on several factors: if the lot has a sea view, the land is beachfront, the land is a large land in central Tamarindo, the land for sale is properly supplied with water, or the land is close to the international airport or if it has access by the tarmac road. And again, depending on its location, the building rules (read article "Que tienes saber sobre la Compra de Propiedades y Lotes en la Playa (Zona Marítima)") may influence the prices.

It is estimated that in 2027 the country will have two development centers: San José and Guanacasté with Liberia and Tamarindo more touristy. In addition, the geographical location of the country is very advantageous, it has been and will be the key to the development of the Guanacasté region, given that one of the advantages of this position is two hours from Miami airport, United States.

Land prices start from 1 dollar per m2 or less for a farm (finca) of several hectares in land has land by the sea in Tamarindo or land for sale with sea view in Flamingo reaching almost 1000 dollars per m2 through land more accessible a few minutes from beaches and land in tourist towns such as land in Tamarindo at prices around 180 m2 but constantly increasing the purchase of land in Tamarindo for example and the increase in investments real estate such as large complexes ... Guanacaste is clearly becoming a profitable investment pool in Costa Rica.

Prices per square meter of apartments or villas and houses in Tamarindo

Due to Guanacasté's appeal as an exotic destination to live, the price of land is rising rapidly in towns that are near beaches. Here are some examples of prices if you want to buy a house in Guanacaste and in particular towards Tamarindo, Flamingo, of course the services offered strongly influence the price of a house for sale with sea view and infinity pool in the center of Tamarindo is much more expensive than inexpensive apartment some 100 meters from the beach ...

Les prix du m2 de l'immobilier au Costa Rica.

* These data correspond to the year 2017 in square meters (m2).

Source: Costa Rica Construction Chamber.

If you are looking for land for sale in Costa Rica consult our listings and especially read our advice for buying land in Costa Rica, it will save you time and money. In our guide you will find the list of papers to check, to present to the various organizations. The pitfalls to avoid before buying land in Costa Rica.


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