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ABI Costa Rica Real Estate

Real estate agency in Costa Rica: sales, purchase, advice, management of properties, land, condos. Prestigious houses, villas, apartments for sale, for rent, for vacation rental.

our activities

Our activities

Real estate professionals in France and investors who have been familiar with the real estate market in Costa Rica for more than 10 years, we provide our advice for your purchase or sale of real estate.

Our qualities and expertise in real estate and construction allow us to provide a global or partial solution according to but always adapted to your needs and budgets.

Better yet, with increased knowledge in the hospitality and tourism area of ​​Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica as well as economic actors (suppliers of various products, service providers, sites and referencing services to increase and facilitate the integration of a company or just to emigrate under optimum conditions) we are present to support and guide you throughout this integration into your new life.

We offer all real estate services: sale, rental, new and prestigious real estate, trade and business, rental management, co-owner trustees, seasonal rental.

We can also manage your goods by integrating a global service between rental, guarding, various and varied repairs with complete transparency in terms of prices and returns for long-term trust and work.

You sell

Your Real Estate Agency in Costa Rica ABI makes it easy for you to sell your real estate product. Our core business is the valuation of your house, land, hotel or any other product and active and intelligent global support for the sale of your property in Costa Rica.

Valuing a property means evaluating the value of your house, guesthouse, restaurant, hotel, land and highlighting the strengths that may interest buyers by indicating a return on the hoped-for investments, the possible added value , the sustainability of the business for sale, or the environmental quality of the property. You are the sellers you may not think like your buyers, it is our job to put in place the arguments necessary to achieve a transaction under the best conditions.

The support of your real estate sale is the follow-up: it is essential that you know what we know in order to be able to react if necessary. A monthly report on the number of online and direct visits, questions, concerns and type of requests will allow us to jointly analyze the situation and the strategy to adopt in order to successfully sell your home effectively.

But support is also supporting you for all the legal aspect and the closing of the sale, the necessary documentation (municipal documents, cadastres, construction plans, water maps, tax certifications ...), the respect of deadlines, discounts to be recovered and work with lawyers and trusted notaries.

We promote your real estate by all the modern means available: social networks, video marketing, network of partner websites, agencies specialized according to your type of property in France and abroad.

you sell
you buy

You buy

Your Real Estate Agency in Costa Rica ABI welcomes you and helps you find what you need for FREE.

Above all, it is essential that you know that in Costa Rica as in most countries of America all sales commissions are taken at the expense of the sellers, so it is 100% profit and completely FREE for you to call. Has knowledgeable professionals to guide you through this search.

We offer you a global service from renting your house, apartment or other during your stay to finding your purchase to assistance to help you settle in Guanacaste or other region, such as opening a company or a bank account in Costa Rica ...

Our reference products are examined and appraised to meet your needs, and we have access to a larger product base that can fully meet your expectations.

It is important for us to establish a climate of trust and sincerity, we must know your dreams and ambitions so that we can find and offer you the house or other property best suited to your situation.

You want to live in a villa with sea view swimming pool but prefer nature and tranquility, or you prefer a rental investment to be able to enjoy 3 months a year all expenses paid from your villa with sea view swimming pool, the research is different and that is our craft to find what you want. You want a hotel to create a very profitable business or guest house, lodge to enjoy Costa Rica.

More importantly, is the time in which you want to come and settle in Costa Rica because you have to plan the purchase, ensure the latter legally and at the same time prepare the small works or the construction of your property for your arrival. We master these essential aspects for a happy transition of your lifestyle and are there to advise you.

Finally, a successful purchase means buying at the best possible price and the negotiation of prices and all the costs and conditions of this transaction is the basis of our business.

We support you even if you are outside Guanacaste and are available with flexible and adapted schedules, social media and other digital applications greatly facilitate fluid and regular communication for optimal research.

Our strategies

Your Real Estate Agency in Costa Rica ABI works with you to assist you in your sale or purchase of a villa, house, hotel, restaurant, land in Costa Rica. As professionals, we work together to value the property and estimate the speed of the sale or the expected gain from the purchase. We analyze and put in place the best strategy to facilitate the sale and offer you various strategy models.

our strategies
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